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with the traditional beautiful wooden sailboat ''Dolphin of Delos''
We depart the old Port at 11:00am and head down the ancient site of Delos island.
The passengers who are interested to visit it ( by themselves, entrance 5 euro)  will be transferred to its harbor and will be given two hours to explore the ancient site. 
The other cruise-guests may stay on the boat watching the site from the deck, sunbathing and enjoying an aperitif .
delos-lions delos delos temple with mosaics
Afterwards we approach the Island of Rhenia and we dock by a deserted beach where the participants have time to take a swim in the crystal clear waters, sunbath on the fine sandy beach or stroll around the place. Lunch on board. (Filadi Beach)
delos-famous-ruins delos nude-marble-sculpture-delos-museum
Light lunch/cold plate is provided with ouzo, wine, juices & water together
with bread, olives, tomatoes, cucumber, tzatziki, dolmadakia, giant beans, meatballs and other Greek traditional snacks.

After lunch we depart for an even more isolated and peaceful private beach.. for swimming and relaxing...the captain knows to bring us to the most magical beaches on the island! (Haitani Beach with pebble stones...)

Whether you just want to spend the day relaxing, exploring the famous archaeological site of Delos island, or socializing with NEWfound friends, this Gay Cruise is special and unique...
beach-on-rhenia-near-delos beach-on-rhenia-island-near-mykonos isolated-pebble-beach-rhenia-island
Enjoy this very special cruise

Price per person:
60.00 Euro
Meeting point
Mykonos old port / Yacht club at 10.30am.
at 11:00am.
Return to
Mykonos old port / Yacht club at 18:00p.m
gay-group-gay-cruise-to-rhenia-island gay-cruise-near-mykonos-island gay-friends-gay-cruise-to-delos cruise-for-gays-on-mykonos-island
We can also organize private gay cruises (with a minimum of 20 passengers) with or without the visit to Delos archeological  island..
without a meal, or with light lunch on board, or rich barbecue seafood meal in a charming traditional house on Rhenia. 
Contact us for your reservation
for the whole list of Mykonos day trips, excursions & tours: click here.
reservations by,
e-mail: gay-cruise@mykonos-accommodation.com
Address: Enoplon Dynameon 10 (upper floor)
(end Matoyianni Street: main street)
Postal Address: P.O. Box 58 - 84600 Mykonos - GREECE
Tel: +30-2289023160 /or 2289023408 / or 2289028160 Fax: 2289024137

Last updated July 24th. 2012