We offer a wonderful sailing holiday on the Mediterranean sea on the Grecian coast. You can join us for 1, 2 or 3 weeks on board. During your trip you can learn as much sailing as you want or improve your knowledge of sailing. If you just want to relax, you are most welcome to enjoy the sea & wind and to soak up the sun at you leisure (swimwear optional :) ) on the front deck. Have a swim and enjoy the food, it’s your holiday!
On all cruises in Greece we sail with one or two spacious well equipped 56 feet (17 meter) Bavaria 56 Cruiser sailing yachts "Prometheus" and "Protheus" as shown on the pictures on this webpage. These sailing yachts offer accommodation for a maximum of 11 guests, with six huts and three toilet/shower cabins. Three huts have twin beds, one hut has two single beds, one hut has a bunk bed and there is one single hut in the front with acces from the deck. See below our complete Greek sailing program. When making your booking please indicate your preference and we will try to accommodate you like you indicated, if available.

Mark van den Eshof is a fully licensed skipper and sailing instructor with over 15 years of experience with gay tour groups on the Mediterranean and North Sea: Croatia, France, England and last but not least: Greece. Mark speaks English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish. We ensure you will have a wonderful, comfortable but above all safe cruise on our sailing yacht in Greece.

Mark’s partner, Sander, joins most of the sailing trips. He is the co-skipper taking care of the catering on board, so you will have all the drinks and food you need! Sander is an art history major. If you are interested, he can take you on excursion to visit all the ancient Greek sights, like the amphitheater of Epidaurus, the temples on Aegina Island, the Greek monastery for Leonido, the old city of Monemvasia, and many more
We sail along the Peloponnesian coastline. This is a beautiful part of Greece, and unlike Kos and Crete, is not yet encroached by tourists. We sail between the peninsula and the wonderful Peloponnesian islands. The whole roundtrip takes 3 weeks in July and 2 weeks in August and September. 2 weeks in May are optional. You are of course welcome to join us for just one or two weeks. During the roundtrip we always will enter the harbor on the weekends (ETA 3 PM) with a fast ferry connection to Athens.


Discover the special destinations that can almost only be reached by a sailing yacht.


The sailing trips normally last four to five hours a day, depending on the distance and the wind. If possible we anchor out in a bay during the trip for lunch and a swim stop. Most of the time we arrive around 3 p.m. in the next harbor, so you have plenty of time for sightseeing, a drink on a terrace, do some shopping, or to go to the beach. Of course you can also just stay on board and relax. Breakfast and lunch are always on board and is arranged by crew or guests. At night we have most of the time dinner together in one of the local restaurants. If you like you can go partying after dinner in the bigger villages, so long as you are back in time in the morning before we set sail :) . Sometimes we stay overnight in a bay. Naturally we will have diner on board then.

gay sailing in greece  
If you would like to combine your trip to Greece with a visit to Athens or Mykonos, just let us know. We can see what can be arranged in lieu of transport and accommodations for you. (A boat from Athens to Mykonos is 4 1/2 hour, € 70,- return ticket, by plane 40 min. € 160,- return).
The Sailing Trip is almost all inclusive:
Unlike most (Gay)sailing trips, only THIS sailing trip is almost all inclusive : Including the service of a gay skipper and gay co-skipper/cook, breakfast, lunch, taxes, harbour fees, gasoline, water and end cleaning. Excluded: Diner, snacks and drinks.
We can also arrange an offer for great (Gay and Gay friendly) accomodation in Athens, Mykonos or Santorin.
The snacks and drinks on board are bought together in the local shops, so the prices will be very acceptable. On board we will make a kitty, to pay the shoppings and dinner. The Skipper does not take part of the kitty. Prices for dinner are around € 12,- excluding drinks. For the excursions you only pay, if necessary, transportation and entree tickets.
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Do you want to join us for a wonderfull sailing holiday?
Just sent us an e-mail: gay-sailing@mykonos-accommodation.com and we will contact you as soon as possible!

All Cruises in Greece are now of this type: Special Sailing includes services of a gay Skipper + gay co skipper/cook, accommodationon board, welcome drink, breakfast, lunch, harbor fees, taxes, towel, gasoline & end cleaning.
Not included: Dinner & drinks.

Available Sailing weeks 2019 per cruise:
 From: August 15, 2020
To: August 22, 2020
GaySail Special: Athens-Hydra-Spetses  € 1495.00 (*)
From: August 22, 2020
To: August 29, 2020
GaySail NUDE Special: Spetses-Epidaurus-Athens € 1495.00 (*)
From: August 29, 2020
To: September 5, 2020
Gay Sail Special: Athens-Syros - Mykonos € 1595.00 (*)
From: September 05, 2020
To: September 12, 2020
 Gay Sail Special: Mykonos-Santorini-Mykonos € 1595,00 (*)
From: September 12, 2020
To:September 19, 2020
Gay Nude Sail Special: Mykonos-Santorini-Mykonos € 1595,00 (*)
From: September 19, 2020
To: September 26, 2020
Gay Nude Sail Special: Mykonos-Poros-Athens € 1595,00 (*)

The (*) special sailing trip:  All Cruises in Greece are now of this type: Special Sailing includes services of a gay Skipper + gay co skipper/cook, accommodationon board, welcome drink, breakfast, lunch, harbor fees, taxes, towel, gasoline & end cleaning.
Not included: Dinner & drinks.                                         

Athens Sounion Kithnos Serifos Sifnos Paros Mykonos gay cruise

Mykonos Paros Ios Santorini Amorgos Naxos Mykonos gay  sailing cruise

Mykonos Syros Kithnos Poros Perdika Epidavros Athens

Athens Poros Hydra Leonidon Monemvassia Kiparesi Spetses

Spetses Nafplion Astrous Ermioni Perdika Epidavros Athens gay sailing

Mykonos Syros Kithnos Poros Perdika Epidavros Athens
Our private cruises are very popular this year. Either in the AdonisGaySailing formula, or the AdonisExclusive (Luxury Catamaran) formula, we already booked a lot of private groups. We made a reservation for several weeks to book your own private cruise on the Callas or a similar Bavaria 50. You can bring a group of maximum 8 people: friends, colleagues, and/or family. The cruises are including the service of a gay skipper and gay cook, breakfast, lunch, harbor fees, taxes, gasoline and end cleaning. We have available for private cruises: ON request (more info soon..)

If you can’t make it in the weeks we planned, let us know, we can always arrange more sailing weeks when enough people are interested. It is also possible to arrange private cruises. Or we can arrange a second ship with gay skipper, so we can accommodate 16-20 people on two ships. Because many cruises in Greece and Turkey are already fully booked we organized several extra sailing cruises for you.
You can also make combinations of 2 or 3 week cruise.
Nude Cruises!
There are always a lot of guys who prefer to sail nude, stay in the sun nude and swim nude all day (and night) long. All our cruises are clothes optional, meaning you can stay nude on the front deck and swim naked if you like. A nude cruise is nude all day long. A lot of nude cruises for this year are already fully booked. We have still available for our nude sailors: July 4-11 Athens-Hydra-Spetses and/or, July 11-18 Spetses-Epidaurus-Athens, & September 19-26 Mykonos-Mykonos
gay sailing in Greecegay sailing in Greece