real time booking system for Mykonos hotels hotels on Mykonos real time reservations
real-time hotelboekingen voor Mykonos
prenotazione in tempo reale per alberghi hotel en Mykonos
echtzeit real-time Hotelbuchungen für Mykonos
réservations en temps reel pour les hôtels a Mykonos
σε πραγματικό χρόνο κρατήσεις ξενοδοχείων για τη Μύκονο
режиме реального времени гостиницах для Миконос
reservas de hoteles en Mykonos en tiempo real
Our "real time" bookings engine presently handles perfectly immediate reservations
for more than 170 Mykonos Island properties.
This " step by step" process leads you to: automatic room availability, room confirmation, & down payment by credit card
 (Visa or Master Card) and allows via a separate secure server, your guaranteed reservation.
Presently we accept 'real time" bookings for the following Mykonos properties -
all open as of April and operating throughout Summer 2017

Our real-time booking engine requires a minimum stay of 4 nights.
Other inquiries & reservations: Please send us an email.. new logo hotel & lodging maps for Mykonos.

click on the link for each particular property
or use our NEW Mykonos Database search engine

The green means that the property has plenty of availability
The red means that the property has very limited availability
complete hotel list with real-time booking
 facilities for
summer season 2017:
list of self-catering properties & pensions with functioning real-time booking facilities
for summer season 2017
Adelmar (4 stars - A class) NEW
Hotel Adonis (3 stars - A class)
Albatros Club (1 star - tourist class)
Ammos hotel (3 stars - B class) green
Terra Maltese Hotel new discovery
Hotel Anastasios Sevasti (3 stars - B class) green
Hotel Anatolia (4 stars - A class)
Anax Resort & Spa NEW 5 stars
Hotel Andronikos Village (4 stars - A class)
Hotel Apanema Suites (4 stars - A class) green
Hotel Aphrodite (4 stars - A class)
Hotel Apsenti (couples only hotel) 3 stars
Hotel Apollonia Resort (5 stars - deluxe)
Hotel Archipelagos (4 stars - A class)
Hotel Argo (1 star - tourist class)
Arte & Mare Suites  green NEW
Hotel Belvedere (4 stars - A class)
Hotel Bill & Coo (4 stars - A class) green
Bill & Coo Coast Suites NEW
Hotel Boheme (5 stars - deluxe class)
Cape MykonosNEW
Hotel Carbonaki (2 stars - C class)
Carbonis (1 star) new discovery
Hotel Cavo Tagoo (5 stars - de luxe) green
Colours of Mykonos (4 stars - A class) greenNEW

Hotel Deliades (4 stars - A class) green
Hotel De.Light ( 4 stars - A class)
Hotel Despotico (3 stars - B class)
Hotel Dionysos (3 stars - B class)
Hotel Dorion (4 stars - A class)
Hotel Elena (2 stars - C class)
Hotel Elysium (4 stars - A class: gay)
Hotel En Lefko Suites (4 stars - A class) green
Hotel Galini ( 1 star - tourist class)
Geranium (keys gay property) green
Golden Star (4 stars - A class) green new discovery
Hotel Gorgona (2 stars - C class)
Grand Beach (3 stars - B class) green
Greco Philia Suites (4 stars - A class)
Hotel Harmony (4 stars - A class)
Hotel Hermes (4 stars - A class)
Hippie Chic (3 stars - B class) green
Hotel no 5 NEW
Hotel Iliomaris (3 stars - B class)
K Hotels ( Hotels Kappa) (3 stars - B class) green
Hotel Kamari (4 stars - A class)
Kensho HotelNEW 5 stars
Kirini Retreat NEW 4 stars

 Hotel Kivotos (5 stars - deluxe)
Kosmoplaz (4 stars - A class) new discovery
Hotel Kouros (4 stars - A' class) green
Hotel Lady Anna (4 stars - A class)
Hotel La Residence NEW (4 stars - A class)
Hotel Lefteris (1 star - tourist class) green
Hotel Leto (3 stars - A class)
Hotel Little Rochari (3 stars - B class)
Hotel Madalena (2 stars - C class)
Madoupas  (3 stars - B class) greenNEW
Hotel Mangas (2 stars - C class)
Hotel Manoulas Beach (4 stars - A class)
Margie (3 stars - B class) NEW
Hotel Matina Garden (1 star)
Hotel Matoyianni (3 stars - A class) green
Hotel Myconian Ambassador (5 stars - deluxe)
Hotel Myconian Avaton (5 stars - deluxe) NEW
Hotel Myconian Imperial (5 stars - deluxe)
Hotel Myconos Bay (3 stars - B class)
Hotel Myconos Beach (2 stars - C class)
Mykonos Blanc (4 stars - A class) NEW
Hotel Mykonos Blu (5 stars - deluxe)
Hotel Mykonian Mare Resort (4 stars) green
Myconian Villa Collection (5 stars - deluxe)
Mykonos Grace Hotel (5 stars - A class) green
Hotel Mykonos Grand (5 stars - deluxe)
Hotel Mykonos Palace (4 stars - A class)
Hotel Nissaki (4 stars - A class)
Ornos Blue NEW
Ostraco Suites (4 stars - A class)
Hotel Palladium (5 stars - deluxe)
Hotel Paradision (4 stars - A class)
Penelope Village  (3 stars - B class)
Hotel Pelican (2 stars - C class)
Hotel Pelican Bay (4 stars - A class)
Hotel Petasos Beach (4 stars - A class)
Hotel Petasos (Town) (3 stars - B class)
Hotel Petinos (4 stars - A class) green
Hotel Petinos Beach (4 stars - A class)
Hotel Pietra e Mare (4 stars - A class) green
Hotel Portobello  (3 stars - B class)
Hotel Porto Mykonos (4 stars - A class)
Hotel Poseidon (3 stars - B class)
Hotel Princess of Mykonos (3 stars - B class)
Hotel Psarou Beach (1 star - tourist class)
Hotel Rocabella ( 4 stars)  green NEW
Hotel Rochari (3 stars - B class)
Hotel Royal Myconian (5 stars - deluxe)
Hotel San Antonio Summerland (4 stars - A class)
Hotel San Giorgio (4 stars - A class)
Santa Marina Hotel & Villas (5 stars - deluxe)
Hotel Saint John (5 stars - deluxe) green
Hotel San Marco (5 stars - A class)
Seaside Cottage by Belvedere
Hotel Semeli (4 stars - A class)
Sourmeli Garden NEW
Hotel Spanelis (1 star - tourist class) green
Hotel Sunrise Agrari Beach ( 3 stars - B class)
Teo ( Pension) ( 1 star - tourist class) green
Hotel Tharroe of Mykonos (5 stars - deluxe)
Hotel Theoxenia (5 stars - class de luxe)
Hotel Thomas (2 stars - C Class) green
Myconian Utopia (5 stars - deluxe) green
Boutique Hotel Vencia (4 stars - A class)
Hotel Vienoula's Garden (3 stars - B class)
Hotel Yiannaki (4 stars - A class)
Hotel Zannis (2 stars - C class) green
Hotel Zephyros (2 stars - C' class) 
Adrianis Guest Housekeys
Anastasia Apartments in Townkeysgreen
Agnandi Villagekeys
Akrotiraki Guesthousenew discovery
Almyra Guesthousenew discovery
Andromeda Residence  keysgreen
Angelas Rooms (Pension)keys
Apostolos Apartments  keysgreen
Avra Studios new discovery
Baba HoulakiaNEW

Baybees Sea View Apartments
Bella Vista Studioskeysgreen
Bluetopia Suites NEW
Casa Bianca Apartments
Christoulis VillageNEW
Daktilidis Villagekeysgreen
Electra VillageNEW
Elia Apartments new discovery
Filoxenia Aptskeys green
Ftelia Bay Apartmentsskeys
Ftelia View Apartments NEW
Gianoulakis Villagekeys
Geranium Hotel (gay) keys green
GT Suites Mimoza Aptskeys
Ipanema Apartments
Iro's Hamlet new discovery
Joanna Pension new discovery

Kalpourdzis Studios
Kouneni Apartments
La Veranda (Pension)keys
Leonis Summer Houseskeysgreen
Lithos Studios & Apts
Manos Rooms / Studios in Townkeys
Manos Studioskeysgreen
Marina View Studios & Apartments
Matoyanni Studioskeys
Mykonos Mystiquenew discovery
Mykonos Starkeys
Mykonos Thea
Mykonos View Studios keys
Nama Suites NEW
Navy Blue Suitesnew discovery
Niriides Homes NEW
Oikia Kondos
Panormos Villagekeys
Pantheon Suites
Pearls of Mykonos Apts.
Pelagos Studios  keys
Panthea Studioskeys
Petros Archontiko
Riva Suites NEW
Sahas Studioskeys
Sail Inn Studios NEW
Sea Side Studios & Houses
Plus these other good quality Mykonos hotels, also open during wintertime 2016 - 2017:
Hotel Carbonaki (2 stars - C class)
Hotel Elena (2 stars - C class)
Hotel Harmony (4 stars - A class)
Hotel Leto (3 stars - A class)
Hotel Matoyianni (4 stars - A class) green
Hotel Semeli (4 stars - A class)

If any room type in a specific hotel, or other property is unavailable ( whether in Mykonos, the Greek islands or the rest of Greece) on "real time": please
contact at M.A.C. directly or make your reservation through our
reservation and contact form
We usually confirm bookings or reply in under 24 hours.
Address: Enoplon Dynameon 10 (upper floor)
(end Matoyianni Street: main street)
Postal Address: P.O. Box 58 - 84600 Mykonos - GREECE
Tel: +30-22890-23160 / 23408 / 28160 Fax: 22890-24137
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