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Mykonos romantic atmosphere & natural beauty draws many couples to celebrate their happiest days of their lives, namely their wedding day & honeymoon holiday.
september 2012      
It's not by coincedence that Mykonos Island has hosted a remarkable number of weddings with guests from all over the world. The beauty, ambiance and world-class amenities makes Mykonos Island a top choice destination for weddings and renewing of vows (Religious or Civil Weddings)
Mykonos Island has also hosted famous celebrity weddings from further away countries such as the famous Nigerian Princess / Lebanese wedding and it's spectacular parties..also in 2012 the Indian / Dubai wedding ceremony which was covered by the media and wedding of the year 2016 - Victoria Secret model Ana Beatriz Barros and Eygptian-Greek businessman Karim El Chiaty.
Mykonos Accommodation with it's local knowledge and experience has managed these last years many mid-size and small weddings with grooms, brides & guests originating from many countries (United Kingdom, Belgium & Germany, New Zealand, Italy, Israel, Philippines & Australia)
The 3 big questions: What's the budget?, Number of guests? Religious or Civil Ceremony?
The agency will make sure that all steps of the planning process are followed correclly with best the suggestions.
M.A.C. will plan with you: Best dates for the wedding, the place & type of ceremony, location of reception party & wedding banquet, villa & hotel accommodation for the couple, family & planning to & from Mykonos island + all transport logistics on the island (car & bus rentals, transfers of groups...)
Each couple will have the chance to create their exclusive romantic wedding with their own personal style & taste.

Mykonos Accommodation Center is a fully authorized tourism & travel agency who organizes your hotel & villa reservations, transportation on the island, travel to Mykonos, excursions, boat trips..and more 

M.A.C. is now collaborating with a professional wedding planner located on the island who can assist with better coordination of all the required services such as legal papers, ceremony arrangements, reception & party location, decoration, bride's beauty, photography & video... and more 

The island provides excellent professional banquet caterers, first class restauarants, photographers, hairdressers, stylists..florists & decoraters..traditional local musicians, or some of these services could be aquired from other loations such as Athens.

wedding wedding wedding wedding
Religious Ceremonies: a Baptism Certificate is required for a Catholic or Greek Orthodox ceremony. (Officially stamped and translated into Greek).

Religous Greek Othodox weddings are possible at the many charming & traditional chapels or monasteries in some of the most gorgeous spots on the island, or at one of the larger 3 main Orthodox Churches in Mykonos Town.
For a Greek Orthodox Ceremony a local priest will perform the ceremony. Either Bride or Groom must be Greek Orthodox Church and both must be baptized in the Orthodox faith. ceremony is performed in Greek. Baptism certificates may be asked well as a church certificate..
Special permission has to be granted for services to be performed outdoors.

Catholic weddings are also possible at the catholic Church in Town, but needs to be organized well in advance as the priest serves 2 islands and is not always easily available.
Baptism and confirmation certificates may be required. (To be collected from your parish priest at home).

A popular type of ceremony for a wedding abroad is the civil marriage. The Civil Ceremony is conducted at the historic Town Hall, a beautiful building along the waterfront
The certificate is legally binding around the world and has no connection to any religious faith. (Click here for the list of required legal documents for a civil wedding in Greece)

A Symbolic Wedding or Renewal of Vows can be held in front of an Orthodox chapel, on a beautiful romantic beach, or next to one of the iconic windmills.
Gay & lesbian weddings can also be done in a symbolic way anywhere on the island...

Venue Choice: Reception, Dinner & Party can be held either at a decorated luxury hotel pool, a famous chef's restaurant, a 5 star private villa,or tradional beach taverna, on board a luxury motor yacht...
depending your requirements and number of guests, chosen location on the island, season of the year...:
Mykonos Accommodation Center will be happy to escort you around the island and show you best solution for your special day.

exterior-sea-view-villa6 M.A.C will propose special group deals and book for you 1 of the 11 deluxe hotels ( 5 star) located at the most glamorous beach areas on Mykonos Island, or in one other good quality more economical hotels & lodgings.
The whole party may stay in 1 hotel , or can be spread over many lodgings of different appeal & prices. The closest family of bride and groom may want to stay in one of our luxury villas...

the selection of luxury, high-class villas with private pool: exclusive, high comfort, deluxe villas, completely private
Airbus in Greece Aegean Airlines 
M.A.C. will help you book your flights from abroad, either direct flights & charters from many European Cities, or domestic flights from Athens.
We do also bookings for all boats in Greece.
air taxis
minibus  You may need to rent cars, a classy limousine, and maybe transfers buses for moving your guests from 1 hotel to church or reception.. we will help you book these

Luxury Cars & Jeeps, Limousine Rental for the special occasion..M.A.C. will help you book the NEWest models and right car type for you: open roof cabrio, limousine, 40 seater mercedes buses all with air-conditioning: here are the rates for summer 2016.
On a such an unique day many important details must be taken seriously and have been planned well in advance to ensure a memorable and unique ceremony & reception: - Invitations, flowers & bouquet, reception decoration, lighting & music, gastronomic menu & wedding cake, photographer with video filming & photosessions, hair stylist / make up artist, gifts for the guests and many extras such as fireworks. In the case of an important wedding event, or large number of guests a wedding coordinator is highly recommended.


wedding wedding

phebus We may arrange a honeymoon for the NEWly weds and organise excursions or cruises to nearby islands : especially interesting the unique archaeological landmark island of Delos & Santorini the sunken island of Atlantis.
 A yacht or cruise boat charter will make your wedding so much more special & unique:
M.A.C. will book for you a romantic sailing yacht, or a luxury cruise boat as the
Grand Banks luxury motor cruise boat,
"Hercule Poirot" for 8-10 sleeping guests

or Phebus luxury "kaiki" for beach parties.

for cruises and day trips around Mykonos, Delos & Rhenia islands
grand banks luxury motor cruiser for hire on mykonos