From 1 January 2018, all travelers staying in rented accommodation in Greece will have to pay an "Overnight Stay Tax",
which has been introduced by the Greek Ministry of Finance, in association with the Ministry of Tourism.
The tax is charged per night, per room and the specifc amount you will pay depends on the official rating of the accommodation,
according to the Tourism Organisation classification.

The amounts are set out in the table below, and are to be paid directly to the hotel upon check-in:

Greek Overnight Stay Tax

Hotel Accommodation:Furnished Rooms/Apartments:
5 Star:4.00
4 Star: 3.00
3 Star: 1.50
1-2 Stars: 0.50
4 Keys:1.00
3 Keys: 0.50
1-2 Keys: 0.25

Please be aware that any Mykonos Accommodation Center, emails, webpages,
tours price lists, promotions, holiday packages and existing bookings
that include accommodation do not include the Overnight Stay Tax in the price.

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