Hi: We are now back from our holiday and wanted to give you feedback on the horse riding for 2 hours that we did in Mykonos.  The ranch is great and the animals were in such great shape, very well cared for.  The host was very pleasant and fun to talk with.  We loved the trail we went on and the staff were very caring in choosing the right horse for each person and a bit of lessons before leaving.  The scenery and the beach stop were awesome.  Have great pics.  The guide was very friendly and knowledgeable about the horses and helped anyone having problems on the trail ride.  We wish her luck with her singing career and heard the CD in the host's vehicle while going back to our apartment.  I recommend this horse back riding ranch to anyone.  It was awesome and a great way to experience the island of Mykonos which we absolutely loved.  Wish we could have stayed longer.
Anyhow just wanted to review this tour because we were more than satisfied with it. (june 2014)

Lise and Dick from Canada
You were the most professional agency I found for the Island, you already helped two good friends of mine after I suggested your agency. I definitely will contact you again soon.

Alessandro ( August 2014)
Just wanted to say thanks for a great day out on the boat yesterday, we had such a fantastic time an were looked after so well. Appreciate it. (the Quarantine of Mykonos).
Syd (August 2014)

Travel Agencies Kykladon | OpenSeas
www.openseas.gr/en/travel.../kykladon Travel agency supporting ferry ticket reservation over web
MYKONOS ACCOMMODATION CENTER, ENOPLON DINAMEON 10 , MYKONOS, 22890 - 23160, 23408, 28160, 22890 24137 ...

Re: Gay Excursions in Mykonos?
14 April 2014, 12:51
from Tripadvisor
But ... for a limited time during August, special gay group cruises to Delos & Rinia islands are usually arranged. They're generally put on around the middle of August, but they might still be offered at the end of August if there is enough demand. My advice to the guys travelling at the end of August or into early September is to check with the Mykonos Accommodation Center when you get to the island. They will have full details on whether the cruise is available at that time (or whether any other gay group excursions are being organized.-


MYKONOS ACCOMMODATION CENTER***. Enoplon Dynameon 10. Mykonos 希腊. 电话: +30 2289023160 传真: +30 2289024137

Mykonos Accommodation Center été créé en 1981 à Mykonos et propose aux voyageurs indépendants et aux agences de voyages du monde entier des services personnalisés et sur mesure pour leurs... Fournisseur de : Agences de voyages | agences de voyages mykonos | réservations d'appartements à mykonos | réservations d'excursions | réservations d'hôtel à mykonos [+]

Directory - Hurmuses Villa
www.mykonosvilla.com/information_direc...Μετάφραση αυτής της σελίδας
Mykonos Accommodation Center located in the center of town will be able to help you with local and international travel services. Accommodation, booking of ferries etc. Tel 22890-28160 or 22890-23408 or 22890-23160


Visitor Information and Tour/Travel Agencies by FODOR's (2013)
Mykonos Accommodation Center. The Mykonos Accommodation Center has grown to offer just about every service a visitor may need on Mykonos, including a wide variety of group tours. A guide takes a group every morning for a day tour of Delos (€40). The company also has half-day guided tours of the Mykonos beach towns, with a stop in Ano Mera for the Panayia Tourliani Monastery (€35). You can also take an excursion to nearby Tinos (€60), arrange private tours of Delos and Mykonos and off-road jeep trips (€60), charters yachts, and more. Owner John van Lerberghe is an expat who has lived on the island for decades, and he knows his stuff. Enoplon Dynameon 10, in a picturesque old building, up a steep staircase, Mykonos Town, Mykonos, 84600. 22890/23160. 22890/24137. www.mykonos-accommodation.comday-trips.htm

Η Μύκονος, ως ένα από τα πιο κοσμοπολίτικα νησιά των Κυκλάδων σφύζει από τουρισμό τουλάχιστον για 5 μήνες το χρόνο και ως φυσικό και επόμενο υπάρχουν πάντα πολλοί επιτήδειοι που εκμεταλλεύονται αυτό το γεγονός, γι αυτό πριν ξεκινήσετε για το νησί των ανέμων καλό θα ήταν να απευθυνθείτε σε ένα ταξιδιωτικό γραφείο που είναι πραγματικά expert στον gay τουρισμό όπως το Mykonos Accommodation Center (Ενόπλων Δυνάμεων 10, Μύκονος / Τηλ: 22890 23160 / Website: www.mykonos-accommodation.com). Μπορεί να αναλάβει πλήρως το ταξίδι σας από τα εισιτήρια μέχρι και την διαμονή σας, να σας συμβουλέψει και να σας κάνει τις καλύτερες προτάσεις για την πιο ευχάριστη διαμονή σας στο νησί.
Resort Ideas Please - September 05, 2013
... You can check the Mykonos Accommodation Center website which includes listings for some, but definitely not most, of the studios/apartments available on the island.

Hotel with pool for 1 day with family room - July 17, 2013
... check the Mykonos Accommodation Center website or contact them directly: https://www.mykonos-accommodation.com/
Clean, cheap hostels or hotels in Mykonos in good location - April 25, 2013
... You can check the Mykonos Accommodation Center website for rates and information about many (but not all) properties on the island, including rooms and pensions:

Recommendations for a travel agency for Mykonos day trip - April 11, 2013
... Mykonos Accommodation Center: https://www.mykonos-accommodation.com/ Click on the green box labelled "Travel Services & Info."

Mykonos - February 19, 2013
... boat cruises and excursions.The Mykonos Accommodation Center website offers extensive information and photos about many of these activities and locations
at this link: mykonos-accommodation.com/travel-services.htm
Their website also has a section about scooter rentals and prices: www.mykonos-accommodation.com/bike-rental.htm
Mykonos Tour - Horse Riding and Delos Tour - March 21, 2013

The Mykonos Accommodation Center also has an office in Mykonos Town ... there is a map on their website that shows where they are located.
You can also drop by their office to check for more information on the tours you're considering.

The Mykonos Accommodation Center is a reputable business ... but there's no need to book horseback riding or Delos tours in advance.
You can wait until you get to the island and compare prices charged by different travel agencies and by the Delos ticket booth near Mykonos Town Hall.

Mykonos - Search Europe European Search Engine and Directory
... reservations & travel agency on Mykonos island; all hotels, vacation homes rentals, travel services , & bookings for Cyclades islands. https://mykonos-accommodation.com

from Tripadvisor: jetsettingaussies from Sydney, Australia (september 2012)
My husband and I decided to go for a day trip to Delos and booked an English speaking guided tour.
We booked the tour online through the Mykonos Accommodation Centre prior to leaving home and on the morning of the tour,
easily swapped our emailed voucher for tickets at the jetty ticket booth at the old port of Mykonos.
The tour left on time and was well organised.
The ferry ride across to Delos took about 25 minutes (on a large ferry) and the tour itself of the island went for just over an hour.
The guide spoke English well and was very well versed on the history and ruins of the island......

Listed in Wikitravel:last updated September 15
Mykonos Accommodation Center, 10 Enoplon Dynameon (upper floor), Mykonos Town (end of
Matogianni Street (main street)), ☎ +30 22890 23160/23408

info@mykonos-accommodation.com, fax: +30 22890 24137), [69]. Open daily, from 9AM to 9PM.
Helps visitors finding mid-range and top-end accommodation and also functions as a tourist
information center. Gay friendly. Posted by donnyb, Jul 29, 2012 in Tripadvisor: Mykonos- what area to stay?
Also, here's a link to the Mykonos Accommodation Center's website, which includes listings for many
(but not all) properties on the island, listed according to location:

Mykonos Night Life July 29, 2012
... check the listings on the Mykonos Accommodation Center website for further options:
https://www.mykonos-accommodation.com/ Paradise Club...

514 x 534 pixels - 13k
Villa or Accommodation Rental in Mykonos Town July 28, 2012 on Tripadvisor
... Rentals_With_Pools.html The Mykonos Accommodation Center has listings for villas and other rental properties
on its website at this link: https://www.mykonos-accommodation.com/

-------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
Sail Boats or day trip boating on Mykonos July 27, 2012 Posted by donnyb, in Tripadvisor
And the Mykonos Accommodation Center website advertises a one-day sail cruise that starts from
Ornos beach: mykonos-accommodation.com/one-day-cruise.htm
Villa/ house to rent July 08, 2012: Posted by donnyb, Jul 8, 2012 in Tripadvisor
For starters, check the villa listings on the Mykonos Accommodation Center website:
https://www.mykonos-accommodation.com/ Then, check through the listing of posts here on the
Mykonos forum or use the search engine to check for posts. There have been several questions
about villas in the past year, and the responses have provided links and contact information.
Posted by jon_rwr, Jun 20, 2012 in Tripadvisor
What's your accommodation budget per night Andrew and do you want to rent in or out of Mykonos
town? As a start, here's a comprehensive list (with rates) of self-catering properties and villas:

issuu.com/gaymykonos/docs/pub2012Μετάφραση αυτής της σελίδας
24 Μαΐ 2012 - MYKONOS ACCOMMODATION CENTER Enoplon Dynameon 10 (upper floor), Mykonos Tel: 22890 23160, 22890 23408, 22890 28160 Web: ...

Suggestions for day-trip while docking from a cruise - June 12, 2012
... There isn't anything comparable on Mykonos to what your family has done in the tropics (the island is rocky and arid, so it will be a completely different setting
to what you've seen elsewhere), but there are island jeep safari tours and horseback riding.
Here's a link to the Mykonos Accommodation Center website page that describes various Mykonos excursions: mykonos-accommodation.com/travel-services.htm.

PRIVATE guide for Delos - June 11, 2012
... Another place you can try is the Mykonos Accommodation Center --
their website shows that they arrange Delos group tours, but they might have contact information for private guided tours, too.

le guide Iles Grecques du "Petit Fute" de 2012
Votre partenaire à Mykonos: MYKONOS ACCOMMODATION CENTRE
Hébergement > Location > MYKONOS CHORA - ΧΩΡΑ
C'est là qu'il faut venir en premier parce qu'on y parle un français parfait. Et aussi parce qu'on y trouve
des cartes, des renseignements sur l'île, des conseils, des guides, des infos utiles sur l'hébergement
possible, sur les curiosités à visiter ...
Mykonos Accommodation Center depuis 1982...agence amicale pour gays et lesbiennes sur l’ile de
Mykonos offre tous les hôtels de qualité, appartements, villas et chambres
+ tous services de voyage: location de voitures, tours et excursions, tickets d'avion et de bateau,
réservations pour les iles environnantes dans les Cyclades, Athènes et la Grèce.

Mykonos - Explorra: Travel Guide, Tourist Information, European ...  
JOHN VAN LERBERGHE from MYKONOS ... - Search videos
JOHN VAN LEBERGHE from MYKONOS ACCOMMODATION CENTER in BUMP gay travel show. Gay Travel - LGBT Tourism 2011;

朝9時の船に乗って、13時の船で帰る 乗船時間 片道約30分 (27/6/2011)
≪Guided Tour≫ 火曜-日曜
Departure from town (Hora) Old Port, behind the Townhall.
Departures: 10.00am, return (there are 3 boats) at 12:30 / 13:30 / 15:00
(Prices for 2010):
Price per person: 38.00 Euro.
(includes the boat trip of about 25min. , entrance fee and authorized guide).
Mykonos Accommodation Centre
Tel: +30-2289023160 /or 2289023408 / or 2289028160 Fax: 2289024137
Source: https://www.mykonos-accommodation.com/delos.htm

Mykonos, Greece, July 06, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Mykonos Accommodation Center the well established Mykonos Island gay friendly reservation ...
 Mykonos Accommodation Center Supports the 2nd XLsior ...

Mykonos Trips: Contacts
in Fodor's Greece, 9th Edition: With Great Cruises and the Best Island Getaways (Full-Color Gold Guides) by Fodor's (May 25, 2010) + Fodor's Greek Islands, 2nd Edition: With Great Cruises and the Best of Athens (Full-Color Gold Guides) by Fodor's (Apr 20, 2010)
John van Lerberghe's office, the Mykonos Accommodations Center, is small, but he can tailor your trip from soup to nuts,
John van Lerberghe Travel Services (In picturesque old building, up the steep staircase, Enoplon Dynameon 10, Mykonos town. 22890/23160. 22890/24137. mykonos-accommodation.com)..."

Lonely Planet Greece (Country Guide) 9th. edition published April 2010.
and same content in the Lonely Planet Greek Islands (Regional Guide) by Korina Miller. 6th.edition (same date)

(for the Sky Express airplane tickets)
page 381 You can book tickets through Mykonos Accommodation Center…
(for Car & Motorcycle)
page 383: For cars, expect to pay (depending on model) about €40 to €98 per day in high season, or €31 to €80 in low season. For scooters it’s about €15 to €30 in high season, €10 to €20 in low season. Reliable hire agencies are the Mykonos Accommodation Centre…
page 385 … Mykonos Accommodation Centre ( 22890 23408; www.mykonos-accommodation.com
1st.fl. Enoplon Dynameon 10) Well organizsed and very helpful for a range of information, including gay related.
Can also arrange midrange, top end and gay-friendly accommodation.
(on same page) The centre offers also tours to Tinos, as well as Mykonos bus tours,and boat cruises, wine and culture tours, and exclusively gay boat cruises.


Frommer's Greek Islands (Frommer's Complete)
by Sherry Marker, Peter Kerasiotis, John S. Bowman, and Heidi Sarna (Mar 1, 2010)
+ also in Frommer's Europe (Frommer's Complete) by Darwin Porter, Danforth Prince, Mark Baker, and George McDonald (Oct 12, 2010)
(page 330)Mykonos Accommodations Center (MAC), 10 Enoplon Dinameon (tel. 22890/23-160 or 22890/23-408; fax 22890/24-137; www.mykonos-accommodation.com), is a very helpful service, especially if you are looking for hard-to-find inexpensive lodgings. The service is free when you book a hotel stay of 3 nights or longer. If you plan a shorter stay, ask about the fee, which is sometimes a percentage of the tab and sometimes a flat fee.
(page 333) and simple pensions, but rooms are almost impossible to get and prices are more then double in July and August.
Contact Mykonos Accommodation Center (©22890/23160)


Detailed map & self-guided walking tour (for Mykonos Town) (in Tripadvisor September 13th 2009)
answer by: jon_rwr from Glasgow...
You will find some reasonably (free) detailed maps at a good few places in Mykonos town.
This is the closest to a detailed town map that I've ever found online:


Dove posso dormire spendendo poco a Mykonos? Inviata il 15 giugno 2009
Ho deciso di trascorrere le vacanze con un gruppo di amici a Mykonos, ma non vorremmo spendere troppo, quali sono gli alloggi più economici? Cosa mi consigliate?
Se vuoi spendere poco la soluzione degli appartamenti è la migliore, dai un'occhiata a questo sito

 flight from Athens to Santorini - December 20, 2008
... We used a travel agent on Mykonos for all our Greek travel as timetables were subject to changes that we couldn't control. They were very good, even arranging a different hotel
when the booked one didn't have air con as promised, also when we decided to go to Napflio instead of some other booked places. Changes made at no additional cost to us.
They might be able to help you.  Their response to us in web and person was very professional, but this was some years ago. They still send us Christmas emails.

The Rough Guide to Greece 12 (Rough Guide Travel Guides) [Paperback] 2008
The Rough Guide to The Greek Islands 7th.edition (Rough Guides)(Paperback) June 2009.
Arrival, information and accommodation
go into the heart of town to the extremely helpful Mykonos Accommodation Center ( t.22890 23160, www.mykonos-accommodation.com)
on Enóplon Dhynaméon near the Maritime Museum.

voir le site internet, contacter par email, Informations pratiques :
Établissement francophone ouvert toute l’année. Réserver Cet établissement accepte les réservations en ligne
Enoplon Dynameon 10 (au premier étage)
Au bout de Matoyianni (la rue principale) - Mykonos
Adresse postale: P. O. Box 58 - 84600 Mykonos - Grèce
Tel: +30-22890-23160 / 23408 ou 28160, fax: 22890-24137.
heures d'ouverture en hiver : tous les jours excepté le dimanche: de 09.00 a 14.30 et de 17.00 a 21.00 heures.
Votre partenaire à Mykonos: C'est là qu'il faut venir en premier parce qu'on y parle un français parfait. Et aussi parce qu'on y trouve des cartes, des renseignements sur l'île, des conseils,
des guides, des infos utiles sur l'hébergement possible, sur les curiosités à visiter ...
( Le Petit Fute)

Arrival & Information - Mykonos
There is some accommodation information at the airport , but unless you know where you're going it's easier to take a taxi for the 3km into town, and sort things out there. The vast majority of visitors arrive by boat at the NEW northern jetty , which is 1km north of town in Toúrlos, where a veritable horde of room-owners pounces on the NEWly arrived. The scene is actually quite intimidating, and so, if you can avoid the grasping talons, it is far better to go a hundred metres further where a row of offices deal with official hotels, rented rooms and camping information, or get the bus into town to the extremely helpful Mykonos Accommodation Centre on Énoplon Dhinaméon near Tría Pigádia (tel 02890/23 160, fax 24 137).
(Greece Travel: your travel to Greece)

Mykonos Accommodation Centre
Mykonos Accommodation Centre will help you find studios, apartments or hotels in or close to Mykonos town. Try and book yourself a discount flight but contact them before you leave to confirm availability especially in the busy summer months. They are very gay friendly.
Mykonos Accommodation Centre. Enoplon Dynameon Nr. 10 (upper floor) (end of Matoyianni Street: the main street) Postal Address: P.O.Box 58 - 84600 Mykonos - GREECE Tel: 00 (for U.S.A.: 011) 30-289-23160 or 23408, Fax 24137

You really should begin plans for a visit to Mykonos by making contact with The the Mykonos Accommodation Center (MAC). MAC has the most comprehensive information on the island and can help you with all of your travel needs, including accommodations, travel, and cruises. The agency can arrange wonderful accommodations for singles, couples, honeymooners, and families as well as packages for groups. The friendly staff will arrange tours, transfers, car rentals, yacht rental, and private plane charters. Arrangements can be made for special air fares for student travelers who are members of ISYC and/or are holders of youth cards. MAC arranges tours in the Cycladic islands and in Athens, and cruises and excursions throughout Greece.
The friendly staff at the Mykonos Accommodation Center can also help you plan your stay with a wide variety of accommodations ranging from very modest to luxury. If you are coming to Mykonos for the night-life, then you should find accommodations in town, where you can walk about and be in the center of everything. MAC is centrally and has a wealth of information in its office. Make it your first step after arrival and get all the information you need for a memorable visit.
www.aurelia.us.com/aurelia-articles-mykonos.html -

Mykonos Guidemag
The Mykonos Accommodation Center. (Enoplon Dynameon 10; +30-22890-. 23160; Mykonos-accommodation.com) is placed neatly in the heart of Mykonos ...

Beaches of Mykonos, Cycladic Greek Islands
Other beautiful beaches are Psarou, Kapari, Aghia Anna, Megali Ammos, and Aghios Ioannis. If you are not sure what beach is for you, stop at the Mykonos Accommodation Center in the center of town and ask the friendly staff for help.

from: http://www.gaytravel.co.uk/mykonos.htm (january 2010): Accommodation
Now that Respect Holidays and Throb (gay travel agents) are no longer trading you might decide to book your own flights and arrange your own accommodation. If you end up getting a cheap flight to Mykonos and want to arrange your own accommodation it is also worth contacting the Mykonos Accommodation Centre. They can usually arrange accommodation in Mykonos town itself or close by.

Griekenland Accommodatie THE MYKONOS ACCOMMODATION CENTER Een bed nodig: woonruimte te huur.....
Een bed nodig? Kijk hier voor Goedkope accommodatie, huizen, villas, studenten-, ...

My family and I are traveling back to Europe this summer and want ...

Tripadvisor Sept. 13th. 2009: Re: Detailed map & self-guided walking tour
You will find some reasonably (free) detailed maps at a good few places in Mykonos town.
This is the closest to a detailed town map that I've ever found online: mykonos-town-map-hora.htm

Santorini or Mykonos, or both? - Yahoo! Answers
1 Jul 2009 ... It can be very expensive here (Mykonos) but there are many deals to be had, even in the summer when everything is hiked up for the season. I always stay at a pension which is a small private owned self catering hotel, for about 75 to 100 euros a night. for people on a budget it doesn't get better, check out "mykonos accommodation center", which you can find online. I always use them and they always hook me up. for both mykonos and Santorini. In mykonos you definitely want to stay in town where everything is in walking distance….
(answers.yahoo.com › ... › Europe (Continental) › Greece -

En nu even elders -Mykonos
25 April 2009. Er zijn ook Europeanen en Amerikanen, en er is zelfs een Vlaming die er een reisbureau (Mykonos Accommodation Center) heeft: u vindt zijn site terug op www.mykonos-accommodation.com.
standaard.typepad.com/en_nu_even_elders/2009/04/index.html -

accommodation Athens - December 28, 2008
...we decided to use a Greek travel agent. They made all the necessary changes to travel and accommodation plans at no extra charge to us, so we only got one day on Santorini but an extra day on Crete.
They changed the hotels too. So, you might be better to contact them and see what they can prepare for you. It didn't cost extra but gave us peace of mind. We kept in contact with them through emails
during the trip and even visited them on Mykonos. Really, they were very good.
This is their website and address. Up to you if you use them. We found their recommendations for hotels were quite good and within our budget as specified to them, but they also booked a few for us that we particularly wanted.

La Veranda pension Mykonos - Lonely Planet travel forum
Prices are within or willingness to spend. Unfortunately they don't ... They do have a website. Here is the link: https://www.mykonos-accommodation.com/la-veranda-pension ...
Needed: An escape from Florence
29-May-2008.Try Mykonos....cheap rooms to be found at https://www.mykonos-accommodation.com/
I stayed at La Veranda, very quaint and relaxing place. Short walk downhill to the port. Best breakfast in town, awesome view, and very cheap.

Where to stay in Mykonos? - Yahoo! Answers
6 Apr 2008 ... Best Answer - Chosen by Asker. your best bet is to check out the mykonos accommodation center web site

they are very helpful and have many options of places to stay for every budget and comfort level.
I stay at Pension Marina when I go, it has spotless clean hotel rooms right in mykonos town that is very close walking distance to everything. the bus station to the beaches, is basically right out side the hotel and there is a moped rental right across the street. have fun! (answers.yahoo.com › ... › Greece

Paros = Gay ? - Lonely Planet travel forum
01-May-2007. If you do decide to go to Mykonos, I can highly recommend the Mykonos Accommodation Center.. They have a really wide selection of very reasonably priced rooms in all price categories, including gay and gay-friendly ones. But pretty much everywhere in Mykonos is gay-friendly. I stayed at a small place called "La Veranda" and I absolutely loved it....
www.lonelyplanet.com/thorntree/thread.jspa?threadID... -

Go To Greece
mykonos-accommodations.htm Rochari Hotel (our hotel in Mykonos, mid hill level w/pool, better to confirm a room with full ...

Off To Greece
08-Apr-2007.Check out Mykonos Accommodation Center for places to stay. They are gay-owned. They have a webpage and they have places in all price ranges. There are a few gay hotels and they are nice but much more expensive than other places. It's not necessary to stay at a gay place if you find them too overpriced. The whole island is pretty much gay-friendly so most of the smaller hotels and cottages will be gay-friendly anyway. I stayed at an extremely reasonable place called La Veranda, on a hillside overlooking the harbor with a spectacular view and great (optional) breakfasts that were better and about half the cost of the overpriced breakfasts in the port below. I would absolutely recommend it, it's like a quintessentially Mykonos experience to stay there. There are tons of cute little places just like it though.

Mykonos - Appartamenti forum: 7/2/2004
Quando cercavo appartamenti, guardavo questo sito:

K. Lang returns to Greece -Times Online
10 Feb 2007 ... Hotels: On Mykonos rooms can be booked through Mykonos Accommodation Center (00 30 22890 23160, www.mykonos-accommodation.com), which offers doubles at La Veranda from (www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/travel/holiday_type/.../article1359631.ece)

Athens, Mykonos and Santorini
02-Jan-2007. I highly recommend the Mykonos Accommodation Center. They have tons of accommodations in all levels of luxury and price level.
They can help you with the other Islands too. It's gay owned/operated.
Website at: mykonos-accommodation.com (warning, be patient, their website is flakey)

I used them and found a place I absolutely adored, I believe it was called La Veranda. It was a simple place but it was SO perfect for Mykonos. Very cheap, and spectacular view of the harbor. They served a wonderful breakfast that was about half the cost of the pricy cafes down by the water but twice as good. Warning, though, its a 5 minute walk up a moderately steep hill from the harbor, but nothing that's too hard unless you are very sedentary. The view made it totally worth it. la-veranda-pension.htm
Another warning-- the gay places REALLY charge a premium for being gay. All the places are gay friendly, so consider that in your decision of where to stay.
La Veranda was not per se a gay place, but half of the 10 rooms were gay when I was there.


Turista Anonimo, 6/7/2005 de turistapercaso.it/forum:
Per trovare una sistemazione, vi consiglio il "MYKONOS ACCOMMODATION CENTER"-
Io avevo prenotato dall'Italia con loro, è un'agenzia seria. Spero di esservi stata utile.


Itinerari in Europa: Mikonos. Sottocoperta.Net: il portale di ...
29 giugnio 2005. Dove alloggiare:
Ho trovato molto efficienti i siti di Mykonos Accommodation Center
Trova un sistemazione: https://mykonos-accommodation.com
…www.sottocoperta.net/itinerari/europa/mikonos2.htm -


Eureka! Greece 2005
January 30, 2005 After the Olympics, the land of gods and heroes has even more to offer. Dana Facaros, Cadogan Guides’ island-hopping Hellenic expert, presents her big fat guide to Greece in 2005:
Older and wilder —* classic holidays for adults only
Mykonos, with its big sandy beaches, perfect sugar-cube town, beautiful bars and sizzling nightlife, gets more fashionable by the year.
Rally your very best friends and rent the beautiful Villa Alisahnea, set in a resort 5km from town and a few minutes' walk from two sheltered beaches.
 It comes with four double bedrooms, a large seawater pool, maid service, and ravishing views of the ancient holy island of Delos.
A week with Mykonos Accommodation Center (22890 23160, www.mykonos-accommodation. com) starts from £6,340 (outside August), including transfers from the airport, but not flights

in the Rough Guide to the Greek Islands (2004)
or go to the heart of town to the extremely helpful Mykonos Accommodation Center
tel. 22890-23160, website www.mykonos-accommodation.com on
Enoplon Dhynameon near the Maritime Museum.

Greek Islands - Google Books Result
David Willett, Carolyn Bain - 2004 - Travel - 500 pages
Mykonos Accommodation Center ( (ft 2289023408; 1st fl. , 10 Enplon Dinameon)
and can find mid-range and top-end, and gay-friendly, accommodation.

European Vacation Rentals by Steenie Harvey (Nov 13, 2002)
Open all year, the Mykonos Accommodation Center is worth noting. The staff ]speak English, and they can also book you
accommodations in most other Cycladean Islands..."

This Fall & Winter in Greece - Greece for Visitors - 08/30/99 from Go Greece.com
For help in finding accommodations in late fall and winter, contact the Mykonos Accommodation Center.
 Is trendy Mykonos not quite your style, but you still ...
gogreece.about.com/library/weekly/aa08309b.htm -
Mykonos Accommodation Center
Clearing house for rooms, hotels, and all other types of accommodation on Mykonos.

Enoplon Dynameon No 10 (upper floor)
(end Matoyianni Street : main street)
Postal Address: P.O.Box 58 - 84600 Mykonos - GREECE
Tel: +30-2289023160 or 2289023408 or 2289028160. Fax: 2289024137.
E-mail : info@mykonos-accommodation.com

Last updated November 25th. 2013