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Фестиваль будет очень похож на тот, в 2013 году с 7 событий, раскол между Миконос и пляжных местах, как Рая & Elia.
Пропуск для всех сторон будут доступны с середины мая и будет стоить около 200 €
Мы можем бесплатно забронировать проходы для вас, и самое главное: сделать книгу теперь с нами, где есть еще совсем немного наличии возможности ...
Ваш отель комната, студия, апартаменты или вилла: остров будет еще более оживленно тогда в 2013 году!
см. наш выбор:

Вы сможете забрать свой браслет путем обменивать ваш печатное подтверждение бронирования с вашим ID / паспорт, в:
✔ Добро пожаловать Точка в Отель Elysium в понедельник 18/8 (от 15 часов), во вторник 19/8 (от 15 часов)
✔ вход каждой из сторон.

The Fresh Line Up definitely brings NEW talents on the island and on the European gay scene. The NEW comers like DJ Grind (USA), Dan Slater (Australia), Guga Rahner (Brazil) or Level 4 (Israel) prove that XLSIOR organisers are willing to innovate every year and keep it fresh.

5 days - 8 parties

- Wednesday August 20: at Elysium Hotel from 18h00 with Brazilian theme with DJ Guga Rahner and DJ Grind. entrance 40 €

- at 24h00 starts the night party in Dream City (ex Space) with NEW sexy party concept called "VICIOUS" belonging to the XLSIOR brand, with the XLSIOR resident DJ Dani Toro as headliner. entrance 30€

- Thursday August 21: The Beach Party will take place on the gay beach Elia, with a amazing production built from zero directly on the sand with DJ Brett Henrichsen (DJ and owner of the US leading brand Masterbeat), DJ Dan Slater, DJ Noor Q (NEW XLSIOR resident) and the XLSIOR Performer Soraya Naoyin. entrance 40 €

- at 24h00 Deep party at FIX Club venue with AS ONE Festival London Party (Orange Group) reproducing the same concept of London, gathering several DJs from different European brands among with Zach Burns (Orange), Davide Paoni (the Farm), Level 4 (FFF) and David Leroy (Muccassassina). entrance 30 €

- Friday August 22: from 23hrs: at Cavo Paradiso on Paradise Beach the WE Party, the best and most famous gay brand in the world with Manuel de Diego headling, along with the sexy DJs Thiago (Spain) and Sébastien Triumph (France). entrance till 23hrs: 45 € , later on: 55 €

- Saturday August 23: the XLSIOR Main Party Garage theme will take place at Rock City with DJ Paulo, who is the worldwide Star Gay DJ at the moment, together with the XLSIOR resident DJs Dani Toro, GSP and Noor Q in a location still kept secret at the moment. entrance 40€

- Sunday August 24: Guilty Beach pool party from 14.00hrs on Panormos Beach with DJ's Rafha Madrid, Nick A / O'Halley brothers.
entrance: 20 €

- Sunday August 24: closing party will happen at Cavo Paradiso to end the best way possible with the XLSIOR concept called "SUNLOTION" with body painting and unique atmosphere never seen before. The sexy Star DJ Aron from USA will headline this party with GSP and Enrico Arghentini (Spain). entrance 50 €
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XLSIOR MYKONOS is the most exclusive International Summer Gay Festival, launched in Sept. 2009 on the famous island of Mykonos.
Four years ago, the founder – Anastasios Kapetanias – had the idea to create XLSIOR Mykonos, a grand-standing festival being more friendly, happy and exclusive from what was existing on the gay circuit.
Mykonos has revolutionarily reNEWed its image since the launching of XLSIOR and welcomes now all kind of circuit boys and holidaymakers thanks to a well-designed program, great artists of the gay scene, breathtaking open-air venues, a friendly and enjoyable holiday environment and guys coming from the four corners of the world to have fun.
The XLSIOR Team has managed to shake the world putting together all the necessary elements needed to create an all-around exciting holiday experience.
XLSIOR proved to be the perfect mix, which makes it so special. It combines subtlety a quality clubbing with dream holidays on this modern and authentic island of the Cyclades.
With a strong international dimension, XLSIOR is expecting to welcome 30,000 Gay travelers from all over the world.

cliccate qui for photos and videos of the incredible 2013 festival

Mykonos Accommodation Center is the gay-friendly agency on the island: MAC is a member of: IGLTA iglta (International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association) since 1996 and sponsors all gay events on the island.
The Mykonos Accommodation Center organizes your room reservation and provides the pass for all parties.
A special 5% to 10% discount on all gay & gay-friendly hotels for a minimum stay of 5 nights will be offered for bookings confirmed till end June 2014.

M.A.C. the Mykonos Island gay friendly reservation & travel agency will book rooms for you in the famous gay properties ( Elysium HotelGeranium Hotel and our Town Suites) + also at all the gay friendly Mykonos hotels & self-catering properties.
M.A.C organizes for you special gay cruises to Delos & Rhenia Islands in August: dates will be known later on, plus it's also possible as a private cruise for a group of friends!
Click for all general gay info about Mykonos island.
MAC helps you with hotel reservations and travel arrangements for other islands around Mykonos, and also in Athens and the rest of Greece : cliccate qui for gay friendly Greece.
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MYKONOS ACCOMMODATION CENTER the gay friendly agency
Enoplon Dynameon No 10 (upper floor)
(end Matoyianni Street : main street)
Postal Address: P.O. Box 58 - 84600 Mykonos - GREECE
Tel: +30-2289023160 or 2289023408 or 2289028160. Fax: 2289024137.
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