Area & Distances: Located 7 km south east of Mykonos Town, quite difficult winding road.
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Beach: Super Paradise: (locally called Plintri) magnificent beach with crystal clear blue water in a small, deep bay.
Half the beach is Greek-student oriented, the other half is fully gay with nude bathing permitted, nudists often prefer the rocky paths & coves.
 One of the busiest & youngest beaches on the island: restaurant and bar with party music from late afterno on.. , Super Paradise beach is the most alternative and anti-conformist beach on the island. Virtually void of hotels, the exclusivity of Super Paradise beach has made it a favorite for mostly gay but also straight visitors to the island for many years.
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Nude tolerant, and in a few parts of the beach nudism is actually "obligatory". This beautiful beach set in a deep bay - has a restaurant and disco bar that echo throughout the day the energy of the town's nightlife. Has made quite a reputation for itself as a place to party. Packed with clubbers, jet-setters, models and anything else. On occasion you might even spot a celebrity, in the crowd or dancing next to you.

Super Paradise is for almost everyone who wants to have fun in the sun amidst an eclectic crowd, with or without your clothes. You can usually find a good mix of personalities and bodies worshipping the sun or enjoying the vibe of this beach. Relax early in the day, and then the music, and therefore the party, picks up in mid-afternoon and can become quite "the scene". Whether dancing on the platforms around the pool or drinking under the shade of a group of trees, the beach takes on a club - like atmosphere.

One of the most famous gay beaches in this part of the Mediterranean, but Elia beach attracts now more regular Mykonian visitors..
super Super Paradise Super Paradise
Hotels: Nama Suites

Self-catering & Villas: Villas Super Paradise, + Super Rockies Resort: 5 houses or apartments, + Villa Querida + Villa Petra NEW + Villa Thucidides NEW, Villas Carina, Delilah & Paradise Estate, new discoverd small villas with pool: villas
Lycurgus & Mardonios.

Activities & things to-do: On the famous beach of Super Paradise you can find the notorious Coco Club, which is being completed renovated in the NEW Jackie O Beach club (with restaurant, bar & events..) and the famous large Super Paradise beach bar...look out for the party that goes on fron 5p.m. till.....

Restaurants, taverns & reputed coffee-shops: right on the beach Super Paradise Beach Bar & restaurant famous for parties late afternoon, and the NEW Jackie O Beach club will attract many more gays for 2013 on Super Paradise Beach!

Transport: Regular caiques / boat service from Platis Yialos Beach.